Now Introducing: Bub's Blog!

Hello from Bub's!

Welcome to Bub's Blog. In an effort to keep you guys more updated on all the cool stuff we've been up to while you were planning the rest of the party, we'll be updating this as often as we can.

We have a ton of new things to offer you guys-- funky backdrops, hilarious props, new photo strip templates... The list goes on and on!

It's been a great Mardi Gras season and Valentine's Day is fast approaching. Less than a week to prepare! And Punxatawney Phil declared no more six weeks of winter and we're already taking reservations for summer parties. Make sure you call today to make sure your date is available!

832-630-9060 and we are ALWAYS available if you have questions or concerns as well.

Talk to you guys soon!

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